Biograd Health and Tourist Center

Town: Biograd na Moru

Name of the project: Biograd Health and Tourist Center

Figure 1. Presentation of the Hospital lot (used space and space free for construction)

Geographic location: The designated location is in immediate vicinity of Biograd Hospital, in northwestern, available part of the construction site, which can be accessed from public roads located northwest and southwest of the Hospital. The Hospital complex is located in northernmost part of Biograd, adjacent to Adriatic Tourist Road (Jadranska turistička cesta).

Brief description of the project and size:

The existing building was partly built in 1938 and partly after the Second World War. In time, the building became dilapidated, although some smaller interventions concerning reconstruction were made. This project is related to complete reconstruction of the clinic so that each room would have its own toilette, and in order for all facilities of the clinic, emergency room, operating room and common area to get necessary equipment.

The activity primarily includes the construction of new accommodation capacities that should be offered aside from the beds covered by the Croatian Institute for Health Insurance. This activity also includes the construction of the following facilities: health section, which offers medically-supervised therapies depending on the specialization of the center for certain indications; wellness section, which offers different treatments oriented toward prevention, i.e. improvement of physical and mental health; recreation sectithat offers primarily closed and open water-related recreational contents.

Figure 4. View from the balcony (towards west)

First activity of the project related to reconstruction of the hospital is supported by all the necessary documents including building permit (conceptual design, main project, location and building permits, and ownership in the whole area of the hospital). A smaller part of the project has already been realized.

Second activity of the project (construction of new accommodation capacities and other facilities) is not supported by necessary project documentation. However, the ownership is settled. The construction lot can be expanded to 50,000 sq m. Additionally, the Hospital owns a smaller lot with access to the sea (4,200 sq m). Urban development plan has also been made and it includes the construction of health and tourist facilities on that location. Pre-study of the development of health tourism has been made by Zadar County Development Agency.

Benefits: There are several possibilities for the investors:
construction/concession, public-private partnership, other benefits arranged in cooperation with the investors